How It Works                       

When you add your business to our leads generation directory, we customized a landing page website for your accounting business, to make it easy for you to get found and develop web dominance.

This way, your profile will be achieve high profile position recognition on search engines, without having to invest in internet services offering by service providers offering to position your business at the top of search engines .

Search engines are attracted to landing page webs.

As a result, we build into our landing page a unique Search Engine Optimization system with feature that search engines automatically search for and index to high profile position in their database


This means, as our FindAnAccountant direct marketing web bring qualified business owners looking for accountants, it triggers search engines to index and move your landing page to higher position so they can share in the client pull being generated by your landing page website.

To further enhance the client pulling potential of your landing page website, we customize a basic welcome video for your landing page website, to give a more dynamic visitor experience to potential clients that visit your web, giving them reasons to stay longer, which usually result in these visitors making the decision to connect with you and retain your services.

Click the Video Link to view and play a set of short welcome video demo and Image picture

The landing page website we create for your business also functions as a dynamic referrals generation platform. 

The reason! As potential clients visit your landing page and view and listen to your welcome video message, if they are not ready to sign, the video message will continue to play in their subconscious. 

This way,  when a business associate mention that they are looking for a new accountant, the subliminal message of your welcome video will have them automatically referring your business.

The landing page website we create, are hosted in our URL at no cost.

To maximize the client pull opportunity, we offer and provide accountants with an upgraded stand-alone landing page that includes your own URL Name, with matching email address and web administration and management.

This upgraded version would be managed and administered under our standard hosting package.

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With your approval, we can further enhance the Leads Capture Potential of Your Landing Page Website, to give your landing page more potential clients pulling power,  by adding and upgrade your web video with the following features

Add background music  -             Cost applies

Add a voice welcome message - Cost applies

Add a spoke-person video -         Cost applies

This means you can customized the landing page with a spoke-person welcome message presentation.


Customize the banner to a slid show - Cost applies

Your video published to You-Tube

Click Here to Peruse Available Video Style Upgrade


The Bottom-line

We will publish your upgraded landing page Web to the internet with relevant tested keywords to allow you to have an even greater more personalizes business internet presence and visitor pull.

Associated Fees

A domain name purchase fee of  $30 will apply.

A one-time internet set-up and page admin fee of $85.00 will apply.

We will set up the hosting protocol and administrative systems to allow us to administer your online presence and make changes and updates on your behalf as required to keep your online presence fresh to allow your business to gain major search engine ranking and bring a flow of qualified visitors to find your website and become clients.

A monthly web hosting fee of $25.00 will apply.


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