ACAS provides Accountants with affordable Opportunities to develop a steady flow of Leads, Referrals and New Clients to grow their client base Competition Free.


Accountants today looking for more clients are forced to invest in expensive advertising programs without any measurable potential for return on their investment, while small to medium sized businesses looking for accountants find it cumbersome and time consuming to find the right accountant for their business and usually have to resort to asking a business associate or doing nothing and wind up with years of tax returns not filed.

Problem Worth Solving:

A cost-effective way to position their accounting business to easily get found by small and medium sized business clients looking for the right accountant for their business without blowing the cash flow and the budget.

To grow a successful accounting business today, accountants need a low cost way to connect with potential clients so as to develop a steady flow of leads, referrals and new client to grow their client base and the bottom-line without having to buy accounts which is a potential losing client growth concept.

Similarly, they have to find ways to create long term growth without investing in expensive marketing.

Acas was founded to solve the problem.

We created an integrated client acquisition network that will allow accountants and small firms to get Leads, Referrals and New Clients by getting connected with clients looking for accountants in a competition free network, without having to hire leads generation sales agents or having to do sales promotion, or hands on cold calls sales effort.

Here Is How we do it!

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