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Our client acquisition services are designed to position accountants to easily get found by business owners and entrepreneurs looking for accountants and make it easy for accounting to connect with qualified clients in without having to do cold calls sales.

With our mission is to provide accountants and bookkeepers with end-to-end client acquisition services and support, we divided our services into a basic subscriber service for a low $200.00 per year that provides accountants with a range of professional, managed services that will generate leads and referrals for their accounting business without having to invest in expensive advertising and internet rankings.

However, we know from experience that accountants looking to grow their business and clients base fast, will usually look to investing in customized support to achieve their client growth goals while looking for ways to increase productivity and cut cost.

Our Fee services are personalized to support this group of accountants and provide a one-stop managed service source to achieve their business growth goals  




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