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We provide accountants with cost competitive Client Acquisition Marketing and Leads Generation services.

We divide these services into an all inclusive subscriber level automated system for an annual fee of $200.00.

To give accountants control over their client acquisition growth, we provide a menu of fee based managed services to make it easy for accountants to add features, tools and or make changes to their marketing

This way, accountants can click on a marketing upgrade feature from the menu that fits with their business growth goals and have us customize and implement the required upgrade.


Our managed service program focuses on providing customized support to accountants looking to utilize some or all of the fee based services in our portfolio to help drive their client acquisition and business process management goals.

This allows us to personalize the required services to meet their client acquisition and client service management needs with the objective to free-up accountants and their staff to focus on providing accounting and tax service to their clients.


Fee Based managed SERVICES menu links

Guaranteed Leads Generation Service

Client Service Management and Support

Enhanced Landing Page Web for Accountants

Bookkeeping Process Management Outsourcing

Customized Telesales Client Acquisition Marketing

Customized e-Target Clients Acquisition Services

Accounts Receivables Management   

Locked-In Leads Acquisition by Postal/Zip Code

Target Industry Leads Generation and Support

     All Fees Based Managed Services are Customized to meet the needs of each accountant or firm.  So please use the menu links to peruse the required service details and call or email us for more information and the Getting Started Procedure