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When you add your business to our leads generation and client acquisition directory, we create a customized landing page Website to create a compelling message with input from you or pulled from your business profile, submitted during the add your business process.

Next, we create a text flow welcome video to enhance your presence on the internet to bring more potential client traffic to find you on the internet, at no cost.

The video provided under the No-Cost landing page system, will be our basic video with background music.

We host this entry level landing page website under our AccountantsWeb-Promotion domain at no cost with a click to access link on your business profile page.

After 30 days:

if you decide to keep the entry level Landing page web and video, with your authorization, we will activate a web hosting package for your business.

To activate the web hosting package, we will obtain a Domain Name approved by you for your business, and change your existing Landing Page Web into a stand-alone one-page website with welcome video, published to the internet, with traffic grabbing keywords and publish your landing page video to YouTube.   Note: An Activation Fee will apply.

If you decide not to activate a web hosting package, we will remove the landing page and welcome video.  However, note that this will not affect the automated leads generation and client acquisition services, provided under the annual listing features of our Directory of accountant system, designed to bring a steady flow of leads and referrals to your business at no cost.

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However, keep in mind that the competition for clients is fierce, the field of accountants looking for clients is huge, so to get more clients and create a steady flow of leads and ready-to-sign clients, you need to position your business to stand out from the crowd, so as to generate competition free leads and referrals.

With your approval, we will do the required enhancement and publish your landing page as a stand-alone website, to the internet. This will allow your Landing Page web, to quickly gain web dominance.

To active the hosting package and get your Landing Page Web ready to uploaded to the Internet, we will do the following with your permission.

Obtaining your our domain name. A domain purchase fee will apply

Creating two email address in the set-up

Publish your landing page web to internet.

Create an enhanced welcome video with required features.  See below - Fee applies

If required, we can also add a slide show on your Landing page web - Fee applies

Publish your welcome video to YouTube

A Monthly Landing Page Web hosting fee of $25.00 will apply.

Whats included - Hosting

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